Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a vegetable fat obtained by pressing whole olives, the fruit of Olea Europaea, a Mediterranean native tree of the Oleaceae family. Olive oil is widely used all the traditional Mediterranean cuisines, as well as in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps, and, in ancient times, as a fuel for traditional oil lamps. Though the use of olive oil is generally associated with the cuisine of the Mediterranean countries, its use has been incorporated in dishes from all around the world.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flavored extra virgin olive oils add zest and flavor to salads, soups, crostini, bruschetta, grilled seafood and meat. In addition, the extra virgin olive oil maintains all its healthful characteristics, adding to it those of the herbs or other ingredients added to it.

In this section you will find examples of flavored olive oils, which I use quite regularly, thus you will find them mentioned in the recipes presented in this site. Of course, you may experiment according to your own taste.

Please note that fresh herbs used to flavored EVOO will get mushy if you use the product and let the fresh herb not be fully immerse in the oil. Thus, when using fresh herbs, let the brew rest for at least one month, or up to six months or longer, then filter the herbs out before using the olive oil.

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