Touch the Silk by Letizia Ripanti

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"I've long been fascinated by the brilliance of colors, and the technique of silk painting has given me the opportunity to play with what I call 'vital colors'", says the Italian artist, searcher, traveler, and natural therapist, Letizia Ripanti.

Letizia Ripanti looking through just finished scarves hang to dry
Letizia Ripanti looking through just finished scarves hang to dry

Fascinated by the healing power of natural elements that she perceived since she was very young, Letizia started researching and studying alternative therapeutic methods in Italy, and deepened her knowledge during her travels in Asia.

At the same time, being attracted by the mystic symbols ever present in all the cultures that she came in touch with, while in Australia she become fascinated with silk, "the Queen of all natural fibers," as she calls it.

She also studied and tried various silk painting techniques, both ancient and modern, including among others serti, batik, brush, pray, alcohol, sugar, and salt, experimenting with several of them. She finally devised new techniques to paint on this enchanting, seductive natural material. In particular, she applies two techniques which are not used by any other silk painter in the world.

Letizia managed to merge her passion for healing, symbology, and the love for silk in her work. She uses powder pigments diluted with vibrational water, and the experienced eye to include ancient and modern symbols in her paintings, inspired by various cultures in different parts of the world.

The brushes used by Letizia to paint on silk
The brushes ...
The powder pigments diluted in vibrational water used by Letizia to paint on silk
... the colors ...
Letizia at work painting on silk in open air
... the painting
Letizia at work painting on silk.
In order to paint with maximum control on the color nuances as the diluted pigments permeates the fabric,
she paints exclusively in clear daylight and mostly outside.

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The luscious, colorful, lively silk paintings of Letizia Ripanti con be categorized into three main categorie: Wearable Art, Paintings on Silk, and Accessories.

First and foremost are the Wearable Art creations, which Letizia herself likes to wear and play with, dressing extemporaneously using scarves and shawls to create different clothing codes. The combination of pieces she come up with for afternoon at the beach or to lounge by the pool, can easily be transformed into a summer cocktail dress or party outfit.

The second prominent category in Touch the Silk by Letizia production is represented by the Paintings on Silk. The brightly colorful symbols or abstract composition of her paintings brings a sense of peaceful light and joyful calm to the spaces where they hang. They are a wonderful addition to living rooms, lounges and bedrooms in the household, but they also brighten and cheer up perfectly more mundane spaces, such as offices, upscale restaurants and hotels, as well as waiting rooms, especially in therapeutic settings.

The Accessories category is comprised of smaller, unique creations, such as colorful flowers, bracelets, and other such items which can find a pleasant, playful use in everyones everyday life.

Paintings on silk canvas
Paintings on silk canvas
Silk accessories
Silk flowers

Check out Letizia at working and playing with her own creations in her studio in the Tuscan hills around Siena, Italy.

"Silk is the queen of all natural fibers, a pleasure to the eyes and the skin, and the way this fabric takes the paint is enchanting and seductive to me" says Letizia. "I use six primary colors only, but I attain a wide range of chromatic variations and nuances thanks to my natural color sensitivity," she adds. "Nature is my inspiring muse".

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