Our Own Sideways by Loris Scagliarini

Between 2003 and 2014 I promoted and imported fine Italian wine and select food items from Italy with WineCountry.IT, LLC, the company that I co-founded in California. I truly enjoyed the movie Sideways, adapted by the Rex Pickett's novel with the same title by director Alexander Payne, when it was released in 2004. The movie tells the hilarious and sad adventures of two friends, Miles (Paul Giamatti), a failed writer with crippling low self esteem ("I'm a thumb print on a window of a skyscraper") and a passion for Pinot Noir, and Jack (Thomas Hayden Church), a happy-go-lucky womanizing one-time successful actor, on a tasting tour of central California to find and purchase quality wines for the upcoming wedding of Jack.

The movie inspired me publish a column entitled 'Our Own Sideways' whenever I would travel for business to scout new wines to import, or when traveling for pleasure with my wife, Brigit Sole-March.

This section features the articles that I wrote at the time. The articles were originally published on the WineCountry.IT, LLC web site, which was closed when the company stopped operating in 2015.

    1. Birthday Sideways – October 2005
    2. Italian Sideways 2006 – April 2006
    3. Partially Aborted Sideways – October 2006
    4. Lonesome European Sideways – March - April 2007
    5. European Sideways 2008 – February 2008
    6. Southwestern Sideways: A Quest for Western US Wine Not From California – October 2007
    7. Iowa Sideways: A Quest for Wine in the Midwest – November 2007
    8. Vinitaly Sideways 2008 – April 2008
    9. Birthday Sideways 2008: Lake Tahoe & Yosemite Park – October 2008
    10. Arezzo Wine Sideways 2009 – February - March 2009
    11. Vinitaly Sideways 2009 – April 2009

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